Ladies! Your Menstrual Flow Might Be Pranking You.

Hello ladies!

So you saw your Period yesterday? Maybe your cycle just ended this morning……

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I’m so glad you came on here, especially for this post! I know some men would read this too (no judgement!) and I’m very glad about that too (you would want to share this with your sister, friend or the love of your life!). If you start to feel bored at any point, please go to the paragraph before the last and you’ll find a good reason to read on 😁.

What’s a Menstrual Flow Prank? 


This happens when you actually have your flow but in the real sense of a menstrual cycle, you did not ovulate.

Every month, an egg is supposed to mature in one of your ovaries and ovulation happens when a mature egg released from the ovary, is pushed down the fallopian tube, and is available to be fertilized by a sperm. Check out 5 Signs You’re Ovulating

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Some women may experience mid-cycle or ovulatory bleeding (bleeding occuring around ovulation) and mistake it for a period. This is common with women who have very irregular cycles, maybe coming once every 3 months or 2-3 times in one month, although it can occur in women with regular cycles as well. They may experience what appears to be a period, but, in reality, it is most likely ovulatory bleeding.

Another instance is the anovulatory cycle. Some women may have what is called an anovulatory cycle, (meaning ovulation has not occurred). During an anovulatory cycle, women may experience some bleeding which may appear to be a period, although this is actually not a true period. The bleeding is caused either by a buildup in the uterine lining that can no longer sustain itself or by a drop in estrogen.


Now,  if you have a regular cycle, this may not be something to worry about but if it’s the other way around, then there’s a lot to worry about (and I’m not trying to scare you!). The major issue is that you most likely aren’t ovulating every now and then and you are just getting ovulatory bleeding or an anovulatory cycle every then and now.

There are certain reasons this might be coming up,  including:

– PCOS (Polycsystic Ovary Syndrome) 

– Severe scarring (adhesions) of the lining of the uterus, a condition known as Asherman syndrome

Excessive Exercise

– Using certain medications

– Changing birth control pills 

– Uterine fibroid

Here’s my My Story.

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It was a little sad for me when I found out I had PCOS (not just because I had to take drugs; I really don’t like them!) because I was quite happy to be relieved in the past from the monthly torture of cramps (silly me right! Lol!😂), but finding out the side effects from heart diseases, to thyroid issues to infertility gave me a reason to be thankful it was detected in time.

If you have had the issue of irregular cycles, this is the time to visit your doctor to determine what’s causing it because you may have seen some blood but yes! your menstrual flow may be playing a prank on you!

I love you all!

– Dena, your healthy living partner.

(Please visit your doctor regularly, do not assume when it comes to your health) 


6 Easy Steps Towards Demystifying Your Healthy Life Journey!

Demystifying healthy living
Demystifying healthy living


The ‘Living healthy’ talk is just a boring phenomenon these days but it shouldn’t be because it’s about one of the most important decisions of any individual’s life.

They say “have a healthy diet, exercise regularly, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, get enough sleep every day.”

I say, “cut the crap!”

Great ideas, but stiff and quite hard to keep up with, especially in the kind of environment we find ourselves…..The list is endless;  

9-5 jobs……….Lagos traffic……..heavy workload………kids……….

In the midst of all these, trust me, the easiest thing to do isn’t to grab a bottle of water, throw your yoga mat on 3rd Mainland Bridge for an exercise session (se oti ya were?) or munch on a box of fruits. Even the yeye sleep inside of a danfo bus is enough to kill your healthy life!

Now I’m not saying grab your lazy day coats, what I’m saying is find a way around the circumstances and here are 6 ways I think you can joyfully live a healthy life on the Nigerian streets and every other place that has it as hard as we do:

  1. Eat breakfast; certainly not eba and afang (one of my best meals ever!), you can have light meals like cereals, eggs, fruits, veggies, milk. I would love you (especially the men!) to speak to your subconscious these words: ‘breakfast is not for only school children, I can package my breakfast for work because breakfast is my first step towards a healthy life’unnamed (12)
  2. On your way back from the rest room at work, stop by the water dispenser and get some water into your system. You may not get the ideal 8 glasses per day, but you would have started a great habit.

    African American woman looking at water and soda
    To live healthy, when it comes to water or soda, ditch soda.
  3. Resist the temptation of grabbing a diet coke and its crew by squeezing out some fresh juice over the weekend and bottling some for each day of work; food processors have made the process easy!

    Food processors have made life easy!
    Food processors have made life easy!
  4. Take some moments out of the entire work period, stretch your legs out, think of something that made you laugh recently and smile.

    Remember something you loved that happened and smile, yes! Even in the middle of your work.
    Remember something you loved that happened and smile, yes! Even in the middle of your work.
  5. Take some supplements because no matter how good your diet plan is, with prevailing environmental toxins and poor soil quality, we aren’t getting enough nutrients in our meals.

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    Take recommended supplements

And lastly, later in the evening when you decide to cool off with the guys,

  1. Dilute your bottle of alcohol (lol! Just kidding), but you can reduce the number of bottles you gulp in or just go for some red wine.

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    A glass of wine is probably all you need!

Being committed to your busy schedule is great but remember there would be no schedule if you are not fit.unnamed (19)

Start out with these tips and remember it’s a journey, as we continuously add some fun to healthy living, because healthy is fun and health is wealth!

– Dena, Your Healthy Living Partner.